В связи с выходом новой версии Eggdrop 1.6.21 выпущен новый Suzi патч. В разделе с исходниками можно скачать обновленные пакеты, как всегда в трех вариантах, отдельно патч, пропатченный бот, и пропатченный бот с набором модулей.

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  • толку от новых версий, всё одно и тоже smilies/smiley.gif
    Добавил(а) LeXuS 31 December 2011
  • Для кого то без толку, а для кого то это:
    - Added missing read trace flag to the nick-len variable trace after
    being unset to make the trace be removed properly on unload.
    - Updated instructions for compilation under Cygwin. Updated space
    requirements a bit.
    - Fixed an ancient bug resulting in sending uninitialized strings when
    sharing bot addresses.
    - Altered the permission check on the pls/mns ban/exempt/invite commands
    from USER_MASTER to USER_OP to allow global operators to set global bans.
    - Made dcc_telnet_new() allow non-latin characters in new handles like other
    handle validation functions.
    - Removed -mwin32 on Windows. It's no longer necessary and causes problems
    with Cygwin 1.7.
    - Moved variable declarations to conform to C89 (beginning of blocks only).
    - Documented a .+ban/+exempt/+invite feature allowing to make the hostmask
    sticky by prefixing the comment with '*'.
    - Fixed statuslog documentation.
    - Removed the unrecognized options warning when configuring modules.
    - Modified -v output and .status display configure options.
    - Made some corrections to the contributors list, removed a duplicate entry.
    - Fixed bind cron html documention to be in sync with non-html one.
    - Fixed a bug in the mainloop for Tcl threads which is now
    also being used as vwait/update recursion mainloop.
    - Removed debug output accidentally checked in.
    - Fixed a typo in the html documentation.
    - Fixed the .match command help.
    Fixes Trac Bug #85 "dcc match command documentation"
    - Fixed a bug in the backported dns-settings patch where dns_change()
    would call iptostr() with inappropriate argument.
    Fixes Trac Bug #87 "dns-servers setting on 1.6 filled with garbage if
    not set"
    - Partially revert changes to vwait/update. They are back to only
    processing Tcl events for now (fileevent/after) as handling eggdrop
    events turned out to require careful examination of reentrance issues.
    - Ran autotools.
    - More AC_LANG_* usage.
    - Work around Tcl8.5.10 bug 3371644 (strings starting with # could crash
    in Tcl_ConvertElement()). TCL_DONT_QUOTE_HASH can be used to work
    around it, as long as the string is not passed to Tcl_Eval().
    - Use the autoconf macros AC_LANG_PROGRAM/AC_LANG_SOURCE for sourcecode
    to avoid warnings in autoconf >= 2.68.
    - Make sure to account for null termination when using Tcl_ScanElement
    to generate a string representation of a list using Tcl_ConvertElement.
    A behavioural change in Tcl8.5.10 revealed this bug.
    - Fixed reentrance issues with the replacement Tcl notifier. It is now safe
    for dns callbacks to call vwait/update. Execution of Tcl snippets in do_tcl
    is now asynchronous and actually performed at the end of mainloop().
    - do_restart is now reset before actually performing a rehash or restart to
    ensure it doesn't try to do it again infinitely.
    - Clarified --with-tcl* usage in configure and mentioned tcl-dev packages.
    - Fixed some section numbering in doc/COMPILE-GUIDE.
    - Fix env(TZ) config setting to not contain a space. The space is just
    inserted in POSIX documentation to clarify, it must not be there.
    - Added detection of Tcl_NotifierProcs members to ensure the notifier can
    be replaced. Fixes compilation against Tcl 8.2 and 8.3.
    - Fixed getudef() to return intptr_t instead of int to prevent crashes on
    64-bit systems.
    - Fixed dns.mod on QNX6/Mac OS X/Solaris
    - Rewrote dns.mod's autoconf checks to detect the resolver library properly
    on Darwin/Solaris.
    - Added -lsocket to the list of libraries searched for res_* functions, in
    order to support QNX6.
    - Replaced most dns.mod preprocessor definitions with config variables.
    - Added support for user-specified dns servers and non-standard ports.
    This is most important for Cygwin 1.7, where the dns server list won't
    get initialized under some common conditions.
    - Added a trace to the new variable dns-servers, allowing scripts to get
    or set the current dns server list.
    - Added the servers list to the dns module information displayed by
    .status all
    Добавил(а) Buster 31 December 2011
  • неувидел изменений, работает и лучше не трогать (с) тонт)))
    Добавил(а) LeXuS 13 January 2012
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